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Production and Manufacturing alerts simplified.

Pingum is an alerting and digital andon platform factories use to quickly communicate, visualize, and resolve problems occurring at workstations on the production line.

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How much is 1 hour of downtime costing you?

Save time and money when problems are resolved faster. Improve your organization's operations by streamlining communication of key outages.

Increase Productivity

Whether you're focused on decreasing downtime or prioritizing work and issues, address alerts quicker and avoid interrupting production.

Follow Process

Create, manage, and track alerts through defined workflows to ensure proper steps and protocol are followed.

Gain Visibility

Address alerts promptly when the right people are notified. Pingum's custom dashboards and notifications help you never lose track of your operating status again.

Productivity calculator


How many hours of downtime do you experience each year?


How much does one hour of downtime cost your business?


5% downtime reduction



25% downtime reduction



40% downtime reduction


Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

How it works

Define your alerts

Machine Down
Quality Issue
Out of Material

Define which issues, alerts, and events your team should quickly address.

Notify the right people

Water Spider

Subscribe your team to the events they need to take action on or have visibility to.

Track to resolution


Manage each event from creation to completion through statuses and workflows.

Streamlined Communications

Let Pingum handle communication of your alerts and make sure the right people are notified.

Your employees,  enterprise software, and machines determine when an issue occurs.

Pingum will:

  • Determine who needs to be notified
  • Decide how & when to notify each user
  • Manage each alerts lifecycle
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Workflow and insights to meet your needs.

Pingum lets you customize dashboards so you and your team can work better together.


Every alert has a lifecycle. Create your own workflow by ordering statuses to easily track your event to completion.


Find and filter alerts by creating and assigning tags. Define different tag categories - location, category, material, and more.

Custom Fields

Tracking the relevant data for an alert has never been easier. Define custom fields and use any of them with an event to provide context and gain insights.


Entering the same information over and over again is never fun. Use a template to prebuild alerts with the name, tags, and custom fields you most commonly use to create alerts in one easy step.


See how Pingum can handle your critical issues.

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