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Streamline Maintenance Requests

Easily publish maintenance request forms on your website, triage tenant maintenance requests, dispatch maintenance workers, and notify tenants.

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Spend less time managing maintenance requests.

Pingum makes it easier for you to receive requests from your tenants and organize active work.

Increase Productivity

Spend less time answering phone calls or responding to emails. Respond to tenants, dispatch workers, and organize requests in our mobile or web apps.

Dispatch Work

Service workers know what work should be prioritized, tenants can track the progress of their request, and owners can see what issues are open at their properties.

Gain Insights

Track your most common issues to better understand where you can simplify processes, identify troublesome properties, or avoid work with preventative maintenance.

Simplify your maintenance request workflow.

Digital tools for maintenance requests

Take your manual or email process and transform it into a digital experience

How it works

1. Build Workflows

Electrical Issue
Water Damage
Locked Out

Build digital workflows that track your key requests, like appliance, electrical, or plumbing issues, and define how you want to handle these requests.

2. Intake Requests

Property Owner

Intake tenant requests on your website by embedding our public forms, and automatically notify tenants, maintenance workers, and owners of the new request.

3. Manage to Resolution

In Process

Manage due dates, worker assignment, and current status of each request with visibility into request history and context.

Custom workflows to meet your needs.

Craft the workflow that aligns to your business.


Every maintenance request has a lifecycle. Create your own workflow by ordering statuses to easily track each maintenance request to completion.


Filter maintenance requests by assigning tags. Define different tag categories, like properties, request type, and property owner.

Custom Fields

Define custom fields to track relevant request data that provides context to address the request.


Use a template to prebuild forms with the name, tags, and custom fields you most commonly use to create maintenance requests in one easy step.


See Pingum in action.

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