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Pingum is a workflow tool that can be customized for any team and operation. Going digital and removing your word of mouth, email, and manual tracking process has never been easier.

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How much time and  money are you losing manually tracking your work orders?

Transform the way your team manages and reacts to work orders. Improve your organization's operations by streamlining visibility and communication of your work.

Increase Productivity

Whether you're focused on decreasing downtime or prioritizing work and issues, address work orders quicker and avoid interrupting process.

Follow Process

Create, manage, and track work through defined workflows to ensure proper steps and protocol are followed.

Gain Visibility

Address work promptly when the right people are notified. Pingum's custom dashboards and notifications help you never lose track of your operating status again.

React to the work orders that matter most.

Digital tools for work order management

Take your manual process and transform it into a digital one

Build Pingum Workflow

1. Build

Build your workflow and translate your manual process to work digitally with Pingum.

Build Pingum Workflow

2. Intake

Intake work orders through the Pingum dashboard, 3rd party APIs, or public forms.

Build Pingum Workflow

3. Manage

Manage each work order knowing the right information is being tracked and its history stored.

Workflow and insights to meet your needs.

Pingum lets you customize dashboards so you and your team can work better together.


Every work order has a lifecycle. Create your own workflow by ordering statuses to easily track each work order to completion.


Find and filter work orders by creating and assigning tags. Define different tag categories - category, dispatched employee, material, or anything that meets your needs.

Custom Fields

Tracking the relevant data for work order has never been easier. Define custom fields and use any of them with an event to provide context and gain insights.


Entering the same information over and over again is never fun. Use a template to prebuild forms with the name, tags, and custom fields you most commonly use to create work orders in one easy step.


See Pingum in action.

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