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Company and technology updates

Pingum Sensors Monitor Your Machine and IoT Time Series Data


Does your company own assets that have sensors and time series data? Do you need a way to monitor that data and get notified when conditions and data trends change? Pingum Sensors make it easy to monitor your Machine and IoT time series data.

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How to Build an Andon System with a Raspberry Pi and Sense Hat


Looking for a way to build an andon system on a budget? The Raspberry Pi and Sense Hat can give you an andon system to show you the status of your manufacturing stations.

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Mobile App Launched


The Pingum mobile app allows you to take Pingum with you on the go. Load custom dashboards, create events, and manage your notification settings. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Get the Most Out of Pingum: Dashboards, Subscriptions, and Notifications


Organize and view the events you care about and get notified when you need to be.

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How to Get Started with Pingum in 5 Minutes


Learn how to quickly setup your organization in Pingum and create your first event.

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Pingum Released on Product Hunt

March 4th, 2019

Pringum is now live an available to anyone. Check us out on Product Hunt! Users can start gaining visibility into what is going on in their business and have confidence the right people are notified.

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