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Pingum Mobile App

Extend the power of Pingum by taking it on the go.

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Before using the mobile application, you will need an account and organization
Using the Pingum mobile application will enable your teams to get notified of and provide updates on their work while on the go. No longer will you need to worry about contacting your team to assign work and get updates. The power of Pingum is unleashed through the mobile app.
While on the go you will:
  • View dashboards and work | Never lose track of your operating status, view all your work and data from your phone.
  • Notify team members | Receive mobile push notifications from anywhere for all the actions and events your care about. Never wait or delay when something needs your attention.
  • Create and provide updates | Create new work items right from your device. Change the status, comment, and update data without needing to use a computer.
  • Take and upload pictures | Need to capture a photo and attach it for more context? Our mobile app makes it easy to get all the information you need attached to your work in Pingum.