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Pingum gives you the tools you need to manage your organizations workflows.

It doesn't matter what your workflow needs are or what your use case is, Pingum is so simple and configurable that you will be up and running in minutes.


Build & distribute forms so your workflows can be created with the right information.
Form BuilderDesign your form so the proper information is provided and fields collected when users submit workflows.
Publicly & Privately AvailableAllow anyone anywhere to submit a workflow, not just individuals in your organization.
Embedded & Hosted FormsEmbed forms on your own website, or distribute a link to the publicly available Pingum hosted form.
Email Confirmations & ResponsesSend custom email responses to those who submit a workflow including received receipt, status changes, and completions.

Manage Workflows

Collaborate & interact with your team so workflows can be completed.
Workflow DashboardsVisualize and track your workflows through custom dashboards and views including kanban, list, and grids.
Custom FieldsDefine the data fields you want to track and collect information on, in a variety of data formats including text, emails, addresses and more.
Assignments & DispatchingAssign or Dispatch workflows to team members so your team knows what they need to work on.
Change StatusesMove each workflow through different statuses as information changes and tasks are completed
CommentsCommunicate and track critical information about each workflow and with your team.
Due DatesSetup due dates so workflows can be completed in a timely matter.
File AttachmentsUpload documents and images to any workflow for additional documentation.
TaggingUse tags to better group workflows into distinct or like categories.


Get notified anytime and anywhere of your critical workflows.
SubscriptionsSubscribe to workflows you care about, don't get flooded with unwanted notifications.
EmailFeed your email inbox with Pingum workflow notifications.
MobileReceive push notification on your phone.
In App AlertsGet notified from within the Pingum application.
SlackDoes your team use Slack? Route notifications to your channel.

Using Pingum

Access Pingum & manager your workflows from the office, while on the go, or from your own systems.
Web ApplicationLogin from any web browser.
iPhone & iPadGet Pingum from the Apple App Store,
Android DevicesGet Pingum from the Android Play Store.
Developer APIsUse the Pingum 3rd Party APIs for a seamless integration.

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Getting started is simple. We will walk you through creating your first workflow in minutes.

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