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Create custom workflows for your team in minutes.

Pingum is a workflow tool that can be customized for any use case including work orders, incidents, orders, and projects. Going digital and removing your word of mouth, email, and manual tracking process has never been easier.

Digital workflow for your team in 5 steps

Setup your own workflow trigger, status flow, and team communication app


Setup your workflow

Use one of our template workflows, or start from scratch. Customize the statuses your workflow moves through, the fields and data you want to collect, and the tags used to describe and categorize each workflow.


Create dashboards

Dashboards are an easy access points for your team members to easily view and filter on workflows. Quickly toggle between new workflows, workflows needing your attention, workflows tagged as critical, or any other status and characteristic you set.


Subscribe the team

Ensure your team members get notified when a workflow needs their attention. Subscribe users to dashboards so they are notified via email, mobile, or in app when a workflow is in a dashboard and state they are responsible for.


Submit workflows

Use the Pingum website, mobile application, and our 3rd party developer APIs to trigger new workflows. You decide the starting status, tags, fields, and description of each new workflow created.


Manage workflows through completion

Each workflow moves through different statuses before it is ultimately completed. From the Pingum website and mobile app, your team will be able to change the status, comment, upload files and pictures, and provide additional data for each workflow.

Common workflow use cases

Examples of how Pingum is used

Maintenance Team Work Orders and Dispatching
Create and dispatch work orders to your team

Follow a consistent process when addressing your work orders. View and track all your work from dashboards and ensure your maintenance team members get notified when they are assigned work.

Incident/Alert Acknowledgement and Response
Signal urgent problems so your team can respond

Reduce the amount of time it takes to address your critical problems. Know the right team member is notified to take action when something goes wrong.

Ticketing and Help Desk
Organize, track, and assign tickets with ease

Keep visibility into all requests and customize your intake and tracking. Know the status of each work item and who is working on it.

Use Cases for Workflow & Notifications

• Property/Tenant Maintenance

• Building & Machine Servicing

• IT Help Desk

• Inspections & Work Orders

• Device & Machine Monitoring

• Incident Reporting

• Field Services

• Manufacturing Alerts

• Facilities Management

• Any Custom Workflow

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