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Pay Per User



per month, paid annually

$20/user per month when paid monthly


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FormsBuild & distribute forms so your workflows can be created with the right information.
  • Form Builder
  • Publicly & Privately Available
  • Embedded & Hosted Forms
  • Email Confirmations & Responses
  • Manage WorkflowsCollaborate & interact with your team so workflows can be completed.
  • Workflow Dashboards
  • Custom Fields
  • Assignments & Dispatching
  • Change Statuses
  • Comments
  • Due Dates
  • File Attachments
  • Tagging
  • NotificationsGet notified anytime and anywhere of your critical workflows.
  • Subscriptions
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • In App Alerts
  • Slack
  • Using PingumAccess Pingum & manager your workflows from the office, while on the go, or from your own systems.
  • Web Application
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android Devices
  • Developer APIs
  • Do you need more?

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    Pricing & Billing FAQ

    Pingum is free for 14 days on a trial period. You will have full access to the system and be able to add others to your organization in order to see the full benefits of using the tool. After the 14 day trial, you will no longer have access to the features in the system until a plan is purchased.

    No. When you create a new organization in Pingum you will not be asked to provide a credit card, and you do not need one to use the tool during the 14 day free trial. After the 14 day trial, you will no longer have access to the features in the system an a credit card will be required to purchase and gain full access again.

    Pingum pricing is setup and paid for per user. Your organization will determine how many users (seats) you need added to your organization. Once you determine how many users you need, you will only pay for the number of users which you specify in the billing page. You can use Pingum with as few a one user, or as many as 200+! If you need more than 200 users, please contact us.

    Each user in your organization costs $20 per month. If you decide to pay annually, a 10% discount is applied to each user, so you only pay $18.

    Example: If you pay for 5 users in your organization, you would pay a total of $100 a month, or $90 a month ($1800 paid annually) if you choose to pay annually.

    You can purchase Pingum with any major credit card. Monthly purchases must be paid for by credit card. Invoices payable by bank transfer or check can be made available if you pay annually. Please contact us to learn more and request this option.

    Before an organization can be on a paid plan, you first must provide a valid credit or debit card. Once provided and after subscribing to a paid plan, you will be invoiced and charged for the amount corresponding to your specified users and payment period.

    For organizations with paid plans, you can expect an invoice and charge at the start of each billing cycle, based on billing monthly or annually.

    You can access all your past invoices and your incoming invoice from the invoices section of the billing page.

    If you add more paid users to your organization in the middle of a billing cycle, the credit card on file will be charged a prorated amount (for the remained of the billing period) at the time of the upgrade. At the start of the next billing period, the charge on your cards and account will account for the new users.

    If you remove paid users from your organization in the middle of a billing cycle, your Pingum billing account will receive a prorated credit (for the remained of the billing period) at the time of the downgrade. The credit applied to the account will then be used in the subsequent charges to the account before charging the card on file.

    To deactivate your organization, head to the billing page of your organization. In the Pingum Plan section there is a DEACTIVATE ORGANIZATION button. Simply click this button and confirm the action.

    If your organization is on a paid plan, you will be removed from that plan.

    In addition, paid plan organization will be given a prorated credit on their your account.

    All credit cards on file will be removed.

    No users will be able to access this organization from their organization page, or from the direct link to the organization.

    Access to the organization in the website, mobile application, and from the APIs will be restricted. To reactive the organization, you will need to contact us.